One Health presets AI solutions for practicing doctors in hearing loss, dermatology, neurology, assisted reproductive technologies

OneHealth employs unique algorithms allowing it to collect data, generate data sets and introduce an AI algorithm    

Unique data = unique prediction method    

In vitro fertilization (IVF): a unique model combination (ensemble) that increases accuracy and generates predictions both for data collected during an incomplete cycle (background, tests, studies) and for all data in the combination, within one and the same architecture      

Multiple sclerosis (MS): for each patient, AI simulates treatment with a given drug based on predictions made by several machine learning models. Then, the most promising result is selected with simulation accuracy in mind      

Atopic dermatitis (AD): the platform uses a unique data labeling method, while the algorithm produces a prediction combination using both a computer vision system and tabular data analysis models. This approach makes it possible to detect the disease, predict its progress and recommend therapy  


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