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You need to create a personal user account and participate in the Bonus Programme.


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Meet Conditions
Take part in the bonus programme within registries: diversified questionnaires both for doctors and patients
Earn Points
Get points when meeting conditions: create files, visits and complete questionnaires
Choose Gifts
Exchange earned points for gifts of Your choice, such as telehealth visits, certificates, e-books and much more
How it works

How to earn points

Take part in specialised open projects. Create personal files, complete questionnaires and enter data on general health perceptions within registries

In addition to entering data on general health perceptions, You can also take part in specialised open projects* and earn points for timely completing different questionnaires and surveys.

Complete Profile

nce a personal user account created, fill in all offered fields in as much detail as possible to get points in Your bonus account.

Create File

Your medical chart is almost ready! The more fields You fill in, the more points You will earn in Your account.

Update file

Update information in Your personal file, record current general health perceptions and edit data

Pass Registration

Create a personal user account, fill in all offered fields in as much detail as possible and earn first points in Your bonus account

Create file

Create a medical chart in the personal user account for a person whose data You will enter in the system

Register File

Register the medical chart within selected project

Complete questionnaires

Start completing questionnaires and earn points. Find further information on earning points in “Documentation” section of the project in the personal user account

Open projects with Bonus Programme:

* - “Open projects” means prospective non-interventional observational studies, patient support programmes and marketing studies aimed to collect information about health of patients with certain diseases within Russia. Participation of the citizen (patient) in a study does not imply any changes to diagnostic tests and medical therapy usually prescribed by the doctor, so there are no risks related to the study, inconveniences and/or additional strain. Participants needn't give up any medicine, certain foods, et al. Participation is voluntary. Information about citizens (patients) received during working on the project will be used to prepare anonymised analytics and statistics. No personal identifying information about citizens (patients) will be disclosed.

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Partner programmes

How to spend Your points

You earn points for completing profile and different questionnaires and surveys. You can spend points on presented goods and services from the list

Once enough points earned, You can exchange them for a partner certificate You like. In this case, certain number of points, equal to the value of Your bonus gift, will be withdrawn from Your account. “My Points” section contains the list of certificates You obtained. There You can get pin codes to activate them. Notice that certificates cannot be transferred to third parties as they are related to Your account. By participating in the Bonus Programme, You have a unique opportunity to get exclusive things meeting simple conditions.

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Earn Additional Points

Fill in all the fields of the profile, create a Family Account and invite Your friends to join projects to earn more points in Your account

Take care of Your health and health of Your family members. For this purpose, we provide an opportunity to create a Family Account and enter data on Your relatives. Take part in professional patient registries broken down by different diseases and receive comprehensive recommendations offered by highly respected specialists from state health care institutions. Invite Your friends to join projects and earn points