Patient Registries

Patient registry is a universal
online tool used for health management
Benefits of patricipation

For doctors

  • Protected database that is always at hand

    Viewing and maintaining own patient base online using PC, tablet or smartphone

    Full or partial data upload in Excel or PDF formats

    The platform conforms to international laws governing management of user personal data

  • Registry data provides basis for researches, papers and reports

    Online charting and graphing with uploading results to PC

    Analytics, statistics and report modules available both on the website and mobile application

  • Help in everyday medical work

    Analysing efficiency and safety of treatment

    Studying medicine interaction

    Patient routing allows several doctors from different health care facilities to manage the same patient

    Monitoring compliance through online questionnaires completed by patients

    Automatically calculated indexes

    Integrated statistics and reports

Benefits of patricipation

For patients

  • Monitoring use of medicines and increasing motivation for treatment

    Life quality questionnaires and other checklists

    Articles, educational video and photo content

    Notifications, internal e-mails, push notifications

    Online communication between doctors and patients through the system

    Saving and keeping any medical files

    Access to test, diagnostic and visit results

Benefits of patricipation

For public health officials
and partners

  • Valid and trusted data

    Rationalising demand for the medicine and purchases

    Determining new properties of medicinal products and registering groups of patients not taken into account for RCCT

    Studying medicine interaction with other medicinal products in everyday clinical practice

  • Monitoring of project results in online mode

    Anonymised reports and statistics in online mode

    Uploading anonymised data in Excel or PDF formats

  • Analysing prescribed medical therapy

    Proving efficiency and safety of medicine

    Understanding reasons for patient's switches

    Registering adverse events

    Pharmacoeconomics based on the register analysis


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