Patient Support Programmes (PSP)

ROSMED.INFO development team created a universal PSP platform which is a ground-breaking social network for communication between the attending doctor, patient and public health official.

General Principles of the PSP Platform

  • Creating a patient file

    The doctor creates a patient file and invites the patient to join the PSP programme

  • Patient registration

    Once registered in the system, the patient gains access to personal account with different specialised questionnaires and checklists to complete

  • Observation

    All completed questionnaires are registered in the patient file initially created by a doctor, so the doctor could observe patient health beyond scheduled visits and adjust treatment strategy and other medical actions in a timely manner

  • Participants' communication

    In addition to electronic checklists and questionnaires, patients and doctors may send internal messages to each other

  • Motivation for treatment

    The system sends different push notifications and reminders to smartphones and through internal SMS messages to motivate patients to undergo treatment, take medicines timely and correctly and reminds the patient of a regular doctor's visit

The PSP algorithm allows to monitor subjective health indicators of patients beyond scheduled visits and can be used to reflect provision of medicines and other medical supplies for patients at the local level in regions.

This allows to check whether the patient started the recommended therapy, specify the start date of the treatment, dose, dosage frequency or find out why the therapy did not begin without overwhelming the patient by calls.


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